Monthly Archives: December 2008

I was recently interviewed by regarding the value of online degrees (I am quoted under the section “Opinion Four”) and the author, Elizabeth Kudner, got a thing or two wrong on the final write up of the blog.  First of all, my name is down as “Gary Dale” and not “Gary Dale Cearley”, which makes it look like Dale is my family name.  I have to deal with this mistake all the time.  And secondly she mentioned that I graduated with an online degree, which is also a misunderstanding.

Just to clear the air on it, my associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree both come from what used to be known as the University of the State of New York but is now known as Excelsior College.  I received my Master of Public Administration from the University of Oklahoma in their Department of Political Science.  A good overview of my professional résumé can be seen on my LinkedIn profile.

These degrees which I earned did pretty well come in non-traditional ways.  For my undergraduate degrees I transferred credit from the Defense Language Institute where I studied their 47 week course in the Vietnamese Language, other credit came from challenge exams and also I received credit from courses taken directly from UCLA and West Coast University.  With the Oklahoma degree I studied the entire degree program in Seoul, Republic of Korea, at the Yongsan Garrison where the university sent professors to give classes abroad to military and government personnel and their dependents.  Although I was not in the military at the time I was allowed to study in the OU program to help make up the numbers for the school.

So with this kind of background I do feel like a bit of an expert on non-traditional education but none of my degrees came from online programs.  Anyway, I won’t make much of a stink about it because it won’t change the price of tea in China.  I can live with it and sleep well tonight on top of it all.

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