Et tu, Brute…? Is Thomas Richards finally truly seeing the light or is he just a rat jumping off Tony Alamo’s sinking ship?

I had to think about the title for a while on this posting.  I was very tempted to call it:
Thomas Richards and his incredibly shrinking credibility…
Thomas Richards of

Thomas Richards, the dupe behind

Thomas Richards of Spiritually Smart, whom I have questioned in past posts as having been intellectually stupid on his support of an idiotic conspiracty theory, has recently changed his tune on our good old neighborhood cult leader Bernie Hoffman, er…, Tony Alamo, who is facing a plethora of federal charges back in Arkansas mostly stemming from issues revolving around child molestation allegations.  Thomas Richards put the “I ain’t the one to blame” back peddaling in his statement when he used an interesting, almost non-committal choice of words:  “…it seems I was wrong…

It seems you were wrong…? Only seems that you were wrong?

Well, Thomas, it more than seems that you were wrong.  In fact, you’ve been looking cheesy on this one, and many others, for a while.

Bernard LaZar Hoffman, AKA "Tony Alamo", AKA "The Accused"

Bernard LaZar Hoffman, AKA "Tony Alamo", AKA "The Accused"

Unfortunately, Mr. Richards tends to favor making such errors in logic and common sense when it comes to the fringe of whacky religious groups and conspiracy theories.  Just have a look at his website or YouTube channel and you can see that if there is a pothole full of goofballs in his path he’s sure going to fall in.  The crazier the conspiracies are are the more our boy Thomas tends to gravitate to them.  But Tommy isn’t satisfied to simply hover around like a moth magnetized by a burning light bulb though.  No, Thomas Richards thinks it is somehow his job to bring people closer to the mindsets of these morons like Tony Alamo and Alberto Rivera.  It is sad, to tell the truth, at how whacked out and cuckoo Thomas Richards likes his gurus.

Each to his own I guess.

Alberto Rivera, Religious Fraud

Alberto Rivera, Religious Fraud

But Thomas Richards tried to appear to do the honorable thing by publicly admitting that it “seems” he made a mistake, you say?  I would love to give Thomas Richards lots of kudos for admitting this mistake, this gross error in judgment, but when I read back over his many web postings and YouTube videos, many with himself being the sole narrator, and am forced to ponder at how Thomas Richards defended these creeps for so long I really get the distinct feeling that the proverbial shit has hit the fan, the inevitable has set in, and our boy is only trying to distance himself from the splattered stench.  When taking into consideration the fact that Thomas Richards whole heartedly supported this goon Tony Alamo for so long and that he has the same steadfast support for the religious fraudster Alberto Rivera who’s main testimony concocting the Vatican Islam Conspiracy is published in a comic book that has been thoroughly and utterly discredited by, you guessed it, research into history, well, ya gotta just wonder where Thomas Richards’ head is.  I for one don’t have to wonder so much about where Thomas Richards’ head is because I have seen the muck he’s been spewing out over and over.

Want a hint?

Okay, here’s a big hint…!

Have you found your head finally, Thomas Richards?

Have you found your head finally, Thomas Richards?

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  1. Thomas said:

    Thanks for writing this. It shows what a little weasel you really are. You want to keep this going? OK, expect a nice blog from me attaching you to the homosexual catholic church with it’s thousands upon thousands of cases settles and yet you still defend them. Tony’s case is still pending you fruit loop. You seriously have issues DUDE. Is this how one lives out their lives when they’re so BUTT UGLY as yourself? I think you molest little boys and so you’re trying to keep the focus off yourself.

    • You can’t attach me to the Catholic Church. I have no attachment to the Catholic Church so anything you write trying to attach me to the Catholic Church would be a lie. I have never been Catholic. I never went to Catholic school. I don’t keep contact with any Catholic hierarchy (or Tony Alamo hierarchy for that matter either). But your responses there have shown your true colors and your disdain for the truth. Go ahead. Post away!

  2. Thomas said:

    you’re a very stupid person for writing this. And you will regret it as well.. that’s a promise.

    • tom hey man keep up the work and pressing on. I think you are rite. Let you know. Hate to see you get off myspace. but you are correct on what rome is. Church Hystory and the
      Bible. got to run

  3. Nice picture of you blogger…Please be sure to let everyone know when we can meet you face to face. Looks to me like that isn’t going to happen.
    Don’t fret thou Gary, God will make sure you are repayed to your face. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the terrible God…So fearful your head will immediately be popped out like a bottle of champange.

    • nin said:

      Thank you for that link Douglas. Too much time is wasted parleying with those who do not want to know the truth!

  4. jhon said:

    Catholics always lied and always were murderers and today in the near future to make more inquiries to claim the true Christians. but will be defeated in the Armageddon and god barrier with them

  5. Those witnesses were bribed and coerced by this Satanic government to stop Pastor Alamo from exposing the Vatican and it’s government and preaching and spreading the true gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Here is a letter from their main lying witnesses FATHER.
    To Whom It May Concern:

    My daughter, Desireé Kolbek, has called me on many occasions asking me to forgive her because the government didn’t keep their end of the bargain. She said she knew she went too far with all the horrible things she said regarding Tony and me, and that there was nothing she could do about it nor could she get out of what she had already done.

    She stated in the last year, in many different phone conversations, how she wanted to keep me out of this—knowing that the FBI threatened—at gun point to take my life and Tony’s. Therefore, she thought that by helping to bring Tony down, it would spare me, her mother, her brothers, and sister.

    Now, as stated before, she has begged for forgiveness because she didn’t realize they were lying to her.

    Desireé didn’t leave the church because of any physical or sexual abuse, she left because she knew I was coming through town and she didn’t want to be confronted about her disobedience and unruliness.

    I am sickened by the government using, and I mean “using” my daughter, making deals with her. They are destroying what is left of her. She is frail and weak minded and they are playing on that.

    John Kolbek

    • Sounds like both the Kolbek’s are weak minded, Mr. Enforcer.

      I have a major issue with the fact that you believe that truth is purchased like this. If that was the case there should have been enough convincing witnesses from Bernard LaZar Hoffman’s side to exonerate him and nullify the damning testimony.

      Stop putting your faith in false prophets and get on with your life.

  6. My faith is in the Lord Jesus Christ. No one in that ministry worships Tony Alamo.
    Wake up idiot!
    Open your eyes! This Vatican controlled government blew up around 3000 people in the World Trade Center, burned alive men, women and children in Waco, TX, pulled of the Oklahoma city bombing and that’s just a drop in the bucket. Vatican has sold out America to foreigners. NO JOBS, NO MONEY, SOON ENFORCED OBAMA CARE TO KILL OFF GRANDMA AND GRANDPA, MURDERING OF INNOCENT BABIES WORLD WIDE WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS JUST TO NAME A FEW.
    LOL! And you don’t think they can get 5 women to set up Pastor Alamo? They have tried many times to frame him and assassinate him and destroy the Alamo church for 45 years. Where have you been!!! MAN! WAKE UP ALREADY!
    Know you not that Thomas Richards was raided and they threatened to take his kids? He is ALL talk, but when it came right down to it, HE SOLD OUT! SAD!, BUT TRUE!

  7. EdenKairos said:

    Why is Thomas Richard’s website private now?

  8. carmilla said:

    thomas i need 2 contact u -u knew me on myspace i want to speak to you!!!!!

    argh I cant believe so many people are giving him a hard time -he is are a human and we all have human errors especially knowing most horrible people tend to seem like the nicest-i am defending Thomas Richards not because i believe every word he says -no because i see this world losing its empathy -the catholics could help out the world more than they do i could go on forever lol and no i do not judge judge and you shall be judged remember that one? everyone needs to smell the coffee…..some things are in plain view and disregarded it makes me sick…..everyone needs to realize that when money burns and your personal possessions you can still go on and get new ones -but no one in this world is replaceable and were all our own beings and should learn to just get along-shit it isn’t rocket science lol

  9. Paul said:

    Gary, all the thousends of facts ae against YOU and your work just proofs for whom you are working. Shame on you! Im glad that a brave men like Alberto did live and exposed many things of the whore! How come he is dead? I met some person myself who did witness himself that the pope is demon-possesed! You dont have to be a catholic to show your real colours and for whom you work. Shame on you to lie against a man whom God did use greatly! I just feel sorry for you i hope you will repent some day.

    • What facts are against me? Where am I lying? For whom am I working? And where is your proof? I presented my case against your “so called” brave man. What is your proof against me?

      Air heads… Always the ones to suck up to fraudsters.



    • TRUTH said:

      LOL! This guy is VERY OBVIOUS. He isn’t even a good pimp!
      Hard to imagine anyone wanting to work for the pope. An old geazer, faggot, pedophile in a fish hat, wearing a dress and red slippers riding around in a pope mobile watching stupid people think he is god and kissing his feet and worshiping him.
      Pretty disgusting and extremely STUPID! So are those that work for him!!!!

      • First of all, I don’t work for the Pope. Couldn’t care less about what he believes. And the only thing obvious about your comment is that a sophomore could do better. The reason why people like Thomas Richards are kicking around has to do with folks who don’t take the time to look into what he says or beyond it. The English language has a word for it: ignorant.

    • Amazing! I am not Catholic and don’t even favor their beliefs but there are still people like you out there who think that if you call a bullshitter on his slander that you must be on the side of the one who was slandered. I don’t “pimp for the Pope” in the least. Who are you pimping for?

  11. Anyone who ignores the historical figure of Wlodimir Ledochowski, the 26th Superior General of the Jesuit Order, who is considered a great success (and not as a failure for not preventing WW2) definitely pimps for the popes.

    See the articles about Ledochowski at my blog ‘Continuing Counter Reformation’.

  12. Alexandra said:

    Just because Tony Alamo is a wolf in sheep’s clothing doesn’t mean that some of his information was inaccurate.

    A Christian should follow no man but rather the Lord Jesus Christ. Men are fallible; Christ is not.

  13. Thomas said:

    I would like to apologize to the readers for allowing this dull minded individual, Gary Dale Cearley to cause me to lash out the way I did. That was due to the incredible feelings of betrayal I felt at that time and the chaos I was in for erroneously supporting Tony Alamo the con man and liar. Nevertheless, I don’t find it too outrageous to have supported Alamo up until his “defense” collapsed at the trial where it was obvious that Tony Alamo was a criminal. Was he using the Vatican as a shield to make it look like it was persecution from them when in all actuality the charges and accusations against him were correct? Yes he was. Alamo was a con man but he wasn’t stupid. He knew how to throw the scent off himself with a LEGITIMATE story of the Vatican’s history of corruption, murder and political intrigue internationally. Ironic how that through a blog entitled, “Thou Shalt Not Bare False witness” I have been falsely witnessed against by this man Gary Dale Cearley via his straw man argument that he is “exposing” me because I “lied” and said I read his book which Gary states is untrue. This was done on purpose by Gary Dale Cearley or he honestly can’t even follow his own arguments. For example, here he states I lied and said I read his book, when in actuality, and Gary has quoted me correctly initially that I had only read PART of his book and in doing so I could see that it was trash. I know this to be a fact because I said it and it’s the truth. And I’ll say it again, I began reading PARTS of Gary Dale Cearley’s book and felt it was trash. So Gary has since sort of changed his forte and has tried to be some kind of comedian. That is the step in the right direction because all your work has really been nothing but a joke. Your big beef was your ad hominem attacks on a dead ex Jesuit priest named Alberto Rivera. But if you were anything as sincere as him I may have listened to you and you may have convinced me Alberto was a fraud. But you didn’t And even though Alamo was a bad man, that doesn’t mean he was using legitimate information to throw the scent off himself. I can go on but I’ll stop right there. But know this Gary Dale Cearley I can pick you apart and expose what you’re all about but it’s really not worth my time. The most attention you have received in all your work was through me. enuff said…

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