Monthly Archives: October 2009

First our good friend Thomas Richards sort of declared that he was off Tony Alamo’s team. Then his website reverted to being a blog and no longer a website. Then the blog was made “private” so that only “approved” readers would be able to soak up any more of his moronic conspiracy theories. (Remember: Those heroes on their on lunch times love preaching to choirs!)

I did receive a mysterious e-mail saying that the feds looked into Thomas’s household up there in New Jersey during all this Tony Alamo mess. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. I would suppose by supporting a moron like Tony Alamo that should be expected. At the same time I find myself wondering if our boy Tommy has seen the light or is he just decided to go underground.

So Thomas, have you given up? If you only preach to your believers you won’t be able to save the world any more. It was almost fun having a target as easy as you.

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