With all of the problems Indonesia has today…

Leave it to religion to perpetuate another ill in society. Of course, Jihad will still continue. That’s the nature of Jihad. And it isn’t the nature to discuss Jihad’s victims. I guess that would be too much. Just a suggestion, but wouldn’t the Indonesians be better off without this quixotic “struggle” many of their citizens are taking up against an ethereal enemy who generally manifests itself in innocent victims?

It was just a thought…



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  1. Michael said:

    Hi Gary, just want to say I think your writing really stinks. The few articles I read I can see that if you have any education at all, you certainly didn’t apply yourself. Or the school you went to was very unimpressive. Even the topics you choose to cover are quite frankly, ridiculous. You must have a very boring life. Hopefully you will move on to something more productive for yourself other than these silly articles you’re doing. I can also see you don’t get much attention even though you spread yourself all over the internet like and old moth-eaten blanket. Luckily we can escape through the many holes in you thesis. I have one label that comes to mind when I try to classify your work and that would be “Attention Whore”. Very sad.. don’t you have a family or anything?

    • Cool, Mr. Collins! I see from your comments that you are obviously quite educated as well. Just out of curiosity though, why is it that you have signed your name as “Michael” when your name is really Stephen Collins ? Or is that even a fake name as well? Oh, and how’s the diet going? I can see through your comments you are quite a frustrated individual. You’d think someone in Adelaide, Australia, could have a better go of it.

      Mate, (ain’t that how you say it in Aussie lingo?), if you don’t like my posts then feel free to move on. And if you are going to trash somebody, be a man. Don’t hide behind fake names. Most little girls are bigger than that. Capisce?

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