Are Conspiracy Theories slowing down?

Let’s be for real. Conspiracy theories are alive and well. They are getting birthed with every news day. It just seems that the true believers in those theories are slacking off. I am saying that basically because I used to get the regular e-mail calling me a CIA plant, the anti-Christ, a Jesuit coadjutor (though the serial cultist Thomas Richards, the not so bright owner of the Spiritually Smart website, still feels threatened enough to keep it up). But now these are only coming occasionally. And the ones that do come are not with the bite and vigor that I am used to. The new breed are all woosies compared to a few years ago.

I wonder…

Is it because these people are now a bit pre-occupied with other things like the economy, for instance. Or is it that I need to get back to work on popping their balloons? Do I need to circulate my e-mail to get the jump started again/

Maybe it is a little of “all of the above”.

Damn. Where is Jack Chick when you need him?

About Gary Dale Cearley:

Gary Dale Cearley is an American author, columnist, polyglot and businessman who has lived in Asia for two decades. He is a graduate of the Defense Language Institute, the University of the State of New York (Excelsior College) and the University of Oklahoma. He works in the field of international business-to-business networking and his passions are all things language, history and libertarian politics. Gary Dale is also an avid reader and book reviewer. You can reach Gary Dale directly by clicking here.
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  1. Theory is often regarded a systematic framework formed of concepts that analytically account for phenomena observed. Philosophers for centuries have debated whether the goings on are external to human thoughts and cognition and thus real and material; or whether they are constructs of the mind, logically assembled and maintained by the exercising of reason with no independent reality.

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